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Clan Info
Leader: Spiderstar @Aqua
Deputy: Fallenoak @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat: Mistpool @Mistpool
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Valkyrie

Leader: Sunstar @Mistpool
Deputy: Lightningwind @Aqua
Medicine Cat: Ebonyspirit @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Leader: Tendrilstar @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Aqua

Leader: Hollystar @Queen of Hell
Deputy: @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat: Bluefeather @Aqua
Medicine Cat Apprentice:@Mistpool
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 Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan

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PostSubject: Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan   Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:27 pm

name: Sparrowkit Sparrowpaw Sparrowwhisper
Clan: FlameClan
age/gender: 0 moons (not born) tom
Father: Darkshadow
mother: Littlelily
Siblings: Waspkit, Sedgekit, Shadowkit, Lynxkit
Sparrowkit is a lean, dark grey kit with a white tail tip. He has a odd black swirl on his chest, and his eyes are a dark ocean blue. Sparrowkit has large paws, and skinny legs. He has a long tail.

personality: Sparrowkit is a very timid kit that sticks close to his mother or siblings. He is a very confusing tom that changes moods quickly. He often sits and thinks instead of playing, and is often muttering things to himself that no one understands. Sparrowkit doesn't talk much, but when he does it is in a very low husky growl and is very meaningful. Sparrowkit doesn't have many friends. If you ever seem to get close to him you will realize he is a very smart and cunning kit.

warrior skills:
fighting: 3/10
hunting: 6/10
herb knowledge: 4/10
climbing: 5/10
swimming: 1/10
memory: 9/10
running: 5/10

Name: Sedgekit Sedgepaw Sedgeflight
Clan: FlameClan
age/gender: 0 moons (not born yet) she-kit
Father: Darkshadow
mother: Littlelily
Siblings: Waspkit, Sparrowkit Shadowkit, Lynxkit
Sedgekit is a mainly white she-kit with black paws, black ear tips, and a black tail tip. She also has black spots from her next to her tail. She has long legs and icy blue eyes. She is very lean and has a long skinny body.

personality: Sedgekit is a very bubbly and happy she-kit. She seems to never find fault in anyone or anything. She loves everyone and everything, and would never complain about anything. She always seems to be hyper and can never stop talking. Sedgekit is a rule breaker who never listens to her mother. She hates being told what to do, and will constantly do the opposite. If she ever gets caught, she always blames it on her brothers and sister.

fighting: 8/10
hunting: 4/10
climbing: 5/10
herb knowledge: 1/10
swimming: 3/10
memory: 6/10
running: 9/10

name: Darkshadow
clan= FlameClan
rank/age/gender= warrior,17 moons, tom. 
appearance= Darkshadow is a large tom, that is solid black with one white paw, and a white tail tip. Darkshadow is very lean, and very fast. He also has very big paws, and they often make him very clumsy.
father= rain
siblings= none

pastlife= Darkshadow had a very good life when he was a rouge, his parents where great parents, and where always there for him, then when he was around 3 moons old, his parents left to go hunting, and never came back. Darkshadow never knew what happened to them (Though what happened to them is a mountain lion attacked, and killed them when they where hunting) Darkshadow looked and looked for them, then stumbled across to FlamClans border. A cat took him into the clan, and he was raised from then on, in FlameClan

personality= Darkshadow is a funny cat, that is always talking, and is always trying to make everyone happy. Darkshadow is a brave young tom, that is always getting into trouble. He believes in what's right, and even if he says " ok your right, ill forget it." He always still believes in what he thought in the first place. Darkshadow never intends to make people mad, but he somehow always does. He makes friends pretty easy, but he also makes enemy's easily too. Darkshadow is very protective over his kits and mate. Darkshadow can get offended easily, but doesn't really let it show.

skills as a warrior 
running= 10/10
fighting= 8/10 
swimming= 3/10
climbing= 1/10 
herb knowledge= 4/10
sneak attack= 6/10

MistClan: Firepaw, Hollowwing

OakClan: Dawnstar, Skytail

IceClan: Birchclaw, Venompaw, Brightpaw, Echodawn

FlameClan: Stormwillow, Moongaze

StreamClan: Leafwhisker

IvyClan: Violetstrike

CloverClan: Meadowclaw


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PostSubject: Re: Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan   Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:30 pm


The bird means its accepted

(Its a img)
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PostSubject: Re: Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan   Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:40 pm

Bell, you don't accept other people auditions. Also, the bird doesn't mean accepted
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PostSubject: Re: Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan   Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:18 pm

UNACCEPTED. I would like to see in the kits history, how the parents met. Otherwise this audition is
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PostSubject: Re: Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan   

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Sedgekit, Darkshadow, and Sparrowkit of FlameClan
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