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Clan Info
Leader: Spiderstar @Aqua
Deputy: Fallenoak @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat: Mistpool @Mistpool
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Valkyrie

Leader: Sunstar @Mistpool
Deputy: Lightningwind @Aqua
Medicine Cat: Ebonyspirit @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Leader: Tendrilstar @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Aqua

Leader: Hollystar @Queen of Hell
Deputy: @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat: Bluefeather @Aqua
Medicine Cat Apprentice:@Mistpool
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Mystery lurks within the camp of our clan, enter with caution.
Where kits play and elders make their peace with SoulClan, join the Clans in a whirlwind of prophecies and roleplay adventures.


 OakClan Camp

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Queen of Hell

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OakClan Camp Empty
PostSubject: OakClan Camp   OakClan Camp Icon_minitimeThu Nov 09, 2017 10:30 pm

OakClan Camp QBsFdA9ao3HzypK-QA9C_anping1NeilWade
OakClan Camp Wistmans-wood
OakClan Camp Wood-692076_960_720
OakClan Camp
OakClan Camp C7b23f32ef299df69d571258b4a455aa--cat-walk-warrior-cats
In this order, the pictures above are: the entrance of OakClan's camp, the Willow Tree where Hollystar calls meetings, the abandoned tree house holding the elder's den, apprentice den, and nursery; it's towards the back of the camp, largely protected by the rest of it. Next there's the second abandoned tree house holding the leader's den, warrior's den, and medicine den. In the nest tree over, quite high up from the ground, is the herb storage.
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OakClan Camp
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