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Clan Info
Season: Leaf-BareThe weather is cold and freezing with blizzards almost every night. The clans are starting to explore outside their territories to look for prey and herbs.
Mistclan MistClan is healthy and strong, with two medicine cats and two medicine cat apprentices. But this clan's pride and strength might be their downfall.......
Leader: Aquastar (Aquatail)
Deputy: Tawnymist (Aquatail might give away)
1st med. cat: None
1st med. app: Foxpaw (Littlelily )
2nd med. cat: None
2nd med. app: None

Cloverclan This clan is quiet and peaceful. Nothing really happening
Leader: Reserved
deputy: Reserved for Oceanmist
1st med. cat: Ivyvine
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

IceClan IceClan has recently allied with FlameClan. It is strange though. IceClan and Flameclan have been rivals for many many moons.
1st deputy: Cloudfeather(Oceanmist)
1st med. cat: Silentleaf
1st med. app: Graypaw
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

Flameclan FlameClan has recently made a truce with Pantherstar and IceClan. Littlestar is expecting kits and Stormwillow seems suspicious....
Leader: Littlestar (Littlelily)
1st deputy: Stormwillow (Shadowfrost)
1st med. cat: Stormshadow (Aquatail)
1st med. app: None
2nd med. cat: None
2nd med. app: None

OakClanThis clan is doing well. New warriors are coming up often
Leader: Dawnstar
1st deputy:
1st med. cat: Ivytail
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

IvyClanThis clan is small
Leader: Sprucestar
1st deputy: Ravenheart (Ravenheart)
1st med. cat:
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

StreamClanThis clan is a work in progress
1st deputy: Sunbreeze
1st med. cat: None
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

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 Littlestar, Leader of Flameclan

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PostSubject: Littlestar, Leader of Flameclan   Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:46 am

A small, sleek white she-cat with a little black patch on chest. Leaf Green eyes and a Black paw.

She is a kind, Generous She-cat who Loves to run about. She is stubborn Stubborn, Independent, loveable. She loves her siblings, wants to be a medicine cat but is torn between being one and being a warrior. She wants to have kits one day. She Loves to pounce other cats And hates being cooped up. She is Caring, Friendly, tough, interactive, hates mean cats and is ready for any challenge.

Great at hunting snakes and lizards. Terrible fighter but because of small size she can attack the stomach easily. Can also catch fish and rodents. Great at climbing trees and swimming.
Feel:10/10  Smell:8/10  Hear:6/10 Taste:4/10   Sight:10/10 Pounce:7/10

Brothers are Wild paw and Hunter paw but they died trying to save her from a fox. She origanlly was a kittypet. She and her other brother, Snowfeather, came to Flameclan and were accepted out of friendship. Her mother was killed by a monster. Her father died trying to save her from a enemy warrior.

Her nine Lives:
StarClan:  Welcome, Littlelily. Are you ready to receive your nine lives?  
Littlelily:  Yes. I'm ready.  
Wildpaw:  With this life I give you courage. Use it well in defense of your Clan.  
Hopkit:  With this life I give you justice. Use it well as you judge the actions of others. Thank you, sister, for finding my murderer..
?????:  With this life I give you loyalty to what you know to be right. Use it well to guide your Clan in times of trouble.  
Hunterpaw:  With this life I give you tireless energy. Use it well to carry out the duties of a leader.  
Lily:  With this life, I give you protection. Use it well to care for your Clan as a mother cares for her kits.  
?????:  With this life I give you mentoring. Use it well to train the young cats of your Clan.  
Sootfur:  With this life I give you compassion. Use it well for the elders of your Clan, and the sick, and all those weaker than yourself.  
Flamepaw:  With this life I give you love. Use it well, for all the cats in your care - and especially for Sandstorm.  
Flamestar:  Welcome, Littlelily, my daughter, my warrior, and my deputy. I always knew you would make a great leader one day. With this life I give you nobility and certainty and faith. Use it well as you lead your Clan in the ways of StarClan and the warrior code. I hail you by your new name, Littlestar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader, and StarClan grants you the guardianship of FlameClan. Defend it well; care for young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity.  
StarClan:  Littlestar! Littlestar! Littlestar! Littlestar!
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Littlestar, Leader of Flameclan
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