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Clan Info
Leader: Spiderstar @Aqua
Deputy: Fallenoak @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat: Mistpool @Mistpool
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Valkyrie

Leader: Sunstar @Mistpool
Deputy: Lightningwind @Aqua
Medicine Cat: Ebonyspirit @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Leader: Tendrilstar @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Aqua

Leader: Hollystar @Queen of Hell
Deputy: @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat: Bluefeather @Aqua
Medicine Cat Apprentice:@Mistpool
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 Dawnstar of Oakclan

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PostSubject: Dawnstar of Oakclan   Dawnstar of Oakclan Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2016 1:31 pm

name: Dawnstar
clan: Oakclan
rank: leader
mother: Shadowsheer
father: Tigereye
siblings: Darkclaw ( open)
appearance: Dawnstar is a light grey muscular she-cat. She has amber eyes and a pink nose. Dawnstar has a long tail. She has white markings mixed in her pelt. Dawnstar has long legs and short fur.

past life: Dawnstar was a lively kit and almost never got in trouble. Dawnstar always helped out the clan from giving out prey to helping in the medicine den. Dawnstar was apprenticed to Stoatwhisker and was trained well. She learned quickly and was skillful. One day when a patrol she was on got attacked, she fought so bravely that she earned her warrior name: Dawnheart.

personality: Dawnstar is very caring, and treats all her clanmates like her own kits. She is very understanding and never punishes to hard. She has a large respect for if she wants to she can be frightening. She doesn't stand for rudeness or disloyalty. She is very good at leading, and she never wavers when she decides on something. She is very brave and would do anything for her clanmates. Even if it means she dies but they live.

fighting: 9/10
hunting: 5/10
tracking: 6/10
swimming: 3/10
climbing: 4/10
herb knowledge: 2/10
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Dawnstar of Oakclan
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