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Clan Info
Leader: Spiderstar @Aqua
Deputy: Fallenoak @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat: Mistpool @Mistpool
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Valkyrie

Leader: Sunstar @Mistpool
Deputy: Lightningwind @Aqua
Medicine Cat: Ebonyspirit @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Leader: Tendrilstar @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Aqua

Leader: Hollystar @Queen of Hell
Deputy: @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat: Bluefeather @Aqua
Medicine Cat Apprentice:@Mistpool
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Mystery lurks within the camp of our clan, enter with caution.
Where kits play and elders make their peace with SoulClan, join the Clans in a whirlwind of prophecies and roleplay adventures.

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 Starlingpaw of OakClan

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PostSubject: Starlingpaw of OakClan   Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:38 pm

6 moon she-cat
OakClan apprentince
Starlingpaw is a very dark brown cat with a streak of light brown on her chest, furry tail, and white paws. Starlingpaw has white ear tips, and a pink nose.

Personality: Starlingpaw is a cat who sometimes just seems to hate everyone. Starlingpaw is more independent and thinks she is to old for " games". Starlingpaw is determined to be the best warrior ever and to prove that she can be the best. Starlingpaw is usually focused in training so she can learn better


History: Starlingpaw was born to two rouges that loved her dearly and wanted to train her to be the best. Starlingpaw always thought she would live her whole life as a rouge until one day when she was six moons old, Starlingpaw's mother had heard dogs around where they lived and she told Staringpaw to go somewhere safe. Moments later, a dog jumped out and attacked. Her mother told her to go and find a safe home and Starinpaw's parents would fight off the dog. Staringpaw kept running and running until she reached OakClan territory. OakClan welcomed her in as an apprentince
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Starlingpaw of OakClan
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