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Clan Info
Leader: Spiderstar @Aqua
Deputy: Fallenoak @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat: Mistpool @Mistpool
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Valkyrie

Leader: Sunstar @Mistpool
Deputy: Lightningwind @Aqua
Medicine Cat: Ebonyspirit @Queen of Hell
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Leader: Tendrilstar @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice: @Aqua

Leader: Hollystar @Queen of Hell
Deputy: @Valkyrie
Medicine Cat: Bluefeather @Aqua
Medicine Cat Apprentice:@Mistpool
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 Ravenheart of IvyClan

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PostSubject: Ravenheart of IvyClan    Ravenheart of IvyClan  Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2016 6:50 pm

name: Ravenheart
clan: IvyClan
rank: Deputy (?)
mother: Brightwillow
father: Splinterfang
siblings: Lilytail ( open)
age/gender: 45 moons/ she-cat
appearance: Ravenheart is a solid black she-cat that is lean but muscular. She has bright green eyes with specks of amber in them. She has long legs and a long narrow body. Ravenheart also has long claws and a long tail.

past life: Ravenheart was born in Ivyclan with her sibling and loving parents. She never really liked her parents, she felt like they where always hovering over her shoulder. Her best friend was Lilytail when she was growing up and still is. When she was a apprentice her mother drown when trying to swim across a stream to get a squirrel. She mourned like the rest of her family and clanmates. A few moons later her father couldn't stand being around so much stuff that reminded him of his mate and he left. Ravenheart was sad to see him go but quickly moved on.

personality: Ravenheart has some anger problems, but can usually keep them under control. Ravenheart has always had a hard time fitting in, and does not have a lot of friends. When she was younger cats would make fun of her for not having a father in the clan, they called her half- kitty pet,and half- rouge. Ravenheart hates to be told what to do and is very independent, and when people underestimate her she always proves them wrong.

hunting= 7/10
running= 9/10
fighing= 8/10
climbing= 1/10
swimming= 2/10
herb knowledge= 3/10
memory= 7/10
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PostSubject: Re: Ravenheart of IvyClan    Ravenheart of IvyClan  Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2016 8:50 pm

Accepted and yes she can be deputy!
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Ravenheart of IvyClan
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