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Clan Info
Season: Leaf-BareThe weather is cold and freezing with blizzards almost every night. The clans are starting to explore outside their territories to look for prey and herbs.
Mistclan MistClan is healthy and strong, with two medicine cats and two medicine cat apprentices. But this clan's pride and strength might be their downfall.......
Leader: Aquastar (Aquatail)
Deputy: Tawnymist (Aquatail might give away)
1st med. cat: None
1st med. app: Foxpaw (Littlelily )
2nd med. cat: None
2nd med. app: None

Cloverclan This clan is quiet and peaceful. Nothing really happening
Leader: Reserved
deputy: Reserved for Oceanmist
1st med. cat: Ivyvine
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

IceClan IceClan has recently allied with FlameClan. It is strange though. IceClan and Flameclan have been rivals for many many moons.
1st deputy: Cloudfeather(Oceanmist)
1st med. cat: Silentleaf
1st med. app: Graypaw
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

Flameclan FlameClan has recently made a truce with Pantherstar and IceClan. Littlestar is expecting kits and Stormwillow seems suspicious....
Leader: Littlestar (Littlelily)
1st deputy: Stormwillow (Shadowfrost)
1st med. cat: Stormshadow (Aquatail)
1st med. app: None
2nd med. cat: None
2nd med. app: None

OakClanThis clan is doing well. New warriors are coming up often
Leader: Dawnstar
1st deputy:
1st med. cat: Ivytail
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

IvyClanThis clan is small
Leader: Sprucestar
1st deputy: Ravenheart (Ravenheart)
1st med. cat:
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

StreamClanThis clan is a work in progress
1st deputy: Sunbreeze
1st med. cat: None
1st med. app:
2nd med. cat:
2nd med. app:

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 Aquastar of Waterclan

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PostSubject: Aquastar of Waterclan   Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:50 pm

Aquakit-Aquapaw-Aquatail- Aquastar
40 moon she cat
MistClan leader

Appearance: Aquastar is a sleek gray tabby cat with blue splotches that almost cover her whole body. She has a gray striped tail that is long. Aquastar has a pink nose and she is quite small for her age.

Aquastar is a friendly cat. She wants to be friends with everyone and she wants to be known. Aquastar likes attention, but hates bad attention. Aquastar is constantly trying to help in every way she can so she can get to be one of MistClan's best leaders.

History: Aquastar was born to Mothspeckle who treated her well and cared for her. Her father was Stormfrost who was usually busy but made a big effort to see her. Aquastar was a very lively kit. She liked to run around camp and do whatever she could to explore.Aquastar didn't have much going on in her life but the first day she was an apprentice, she caught a trout which made her mentor proud. Her mentor taught her battle moves and hunting ujtil she was ready to be a warrior. Aquastar was made deputy the day after her vigil. She was also given an apprentice, Ivypaw to train. Aquastar was made leader only about a moon after becoming deputy.

Nine lives:
Miststar: "Welcome Aquatail"
Miststar steps forward, Mothspeckle, Stormfrost, Badgermoon, Leaftail, Blackclaw, Greeneye, Snowface, and Tinysong follow
Miststar: Aquatail, I give you a lif for courage. Use it wisely
Mothspeckle: Oh my precious daughter now a leader. I give you a life for love. Love your clan as a mother loves her kits
Stormfrost: I'm so proud of you Aquatail. I give you a life for strength. Don't be afraid to show your claws to protect your clan
Badgermoon: My sister! Clan leader! I give you a life for Bravery. Be brave my little sister
Leaftail: Nice to see you old friend. I give you a life for compassion.
Blackclaw: I am Blackclaw, Miststar's brother. I give you a life for friendship. Treat another like they are family
Greeneye: I am Greeneye. The medicine cat who helped Mothspeckle give birth to you and Badgermoon. I give you a life for herb skill. Take care of your clan.
Snowface: I am Snowface. I give you a life for faith. Never stop beliving in you ancestors
Tinysong: I am Tinysong. And here is a life for Offering second chances. Congratulations Aquastar!

All of SpiritClan chants Aquastar's new name
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Aquastar of Waterclan
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